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Why Should You Go See the Products at One of Our Distributors Before Buying?

July 18, 2022

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Do you know the advantages of going to see the products at one of our retailers before buying them? There are many!

The professionals on-site can guide you in the choice of materials for your project! Whether you are doing your own project or dealing with landscaping professionals, we recommend that you visit a distributor before purchasing. This way, you can be sure that the products meet your expectations and save yourself many headaches and dollars in the long run, thanks to the valuable advice of experts. By visiting one of our distributors located in the provinces of Quebec or Ontario or in the Maritimes, you will benefit from a complete shopping experience.

More specifically, here are THREE good reasons to go see the products at a Bolduc distributor before buying!

1. To see colors, textures, and finishes

By visiting one of our distributors, you can examine and touch the different products. You can imagine how they will look once installed in your yard. Moreover, if it is difficult for you to choose among the many models, formats, and colors of paving, you will be seduced by the displays set up. You can observe and compare the different colors, textures, formats and, finishes.

  • Do you prefer shades of gray or shades of beige?
  • Are you more of a textured or smooth finish type?
  • Which format is best for creating the style you like?

The professionals on-site are there to guide you in choosing products to match your home and your style! Most distributors allow you to leave with a sample of your favorite model so you can validate your choice at home.

2. To get technical information

Our consultants are there to give you technical information! They are familiar with Bolduc products and their characteristics. Whether you need to know the installation requirements, the available formats, the quantities you need, or the availability of the products, they will be pleased to help you.

Doing a landscaping project involves taking many decisions, and it can be easy to get lost. Fortunately, our dealers are qualified and trained to help you make the right choices and answer your questions! Wondering what the difference is between a slab and a paver, how much block you need, or how to install a low wall? Let the professionals demystify all these questions by visiting one of our distributors!

3. To benefit from the support of experts

Finally, by going to a retailer to see your products, you can benefit from the personalized support of our consultants. Are you doing business with a landscaper to do your work? The advisors are there to guide you in choosing the products or to help you decide between two products. Doing the work yourself? Benefit from the support of experts to guide you in the choice of materials, the quantities required, and the installation instructions.

By shopping on-site, you will benefit from valuable advice and recommendations. Our advisors will make sure to meet your needs and accompany you throughout the purchasing process.

Find the distributor nearest you.

Are you now convinced of the advantages of visiting a Bolduc distributor before buying?

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