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Bolduc offers a lifetime warranty on its concrete products for the residential sector.

Produits résidentiels de béton

Application of warranty

The Bolduc warranty applies to normal, non-abusive use of the material. It covers any abnormal deterioration that may be caused by the use of sodium chloride (NaCl). It also covers any breakage or fracture caused by a defect in the structural integrity of the parts during production. 

Bolduc’s obligation is limited to providing new pavers free of charge to replace the material covered by the warranty. Any product installed is considered accepted by the customer.

The warranty is transferable to any new owner and becomes valid when you fill out the attached form and give it to the Bolduc representative where you made your purchase. All claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase (invoice, delivery receipt number, and pallet identification sticker used for delivery).

View the warranty details and exclusions Complete the warranty form