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Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions related to the purchase, installation, or maintenance of Bolduc concrete products.

Produits de béton - Bolduc

Bolduc manufactures long-lasting, top quality products that are fast and easy to install. They are also available in a symphony of colors, shapes, styles, and textures to enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces.

Efflorescence is a natural phenomenon caused by the formation of an off-white calcite on the surface of concrete products made with cement. One in the inherent components of cement is construction lime. During the concrete manufacturing process that consists of mixing cement, water, sand, coarse aggregate and chemical auxiliaries, a series of chemical reactions occur and result in the formation of a solid material: concrete. Construction lime is released during these reactions and migrates through a micro porous network towards the surface of the concrete when it is wet. This lime, once in contact with the carbonic gas present in the air, is transformed into calcite. This phenomenon is efflorescence.

The efflorescence will disappear on its own after two or three years of exposure to weather stress but it is possible to eliminate it more rapidly by cleaning the concrete product with the appropriate detergents.

If a paver is damaged for any reason, you can easily replace it or simply turn it over, as some pavers have the same finish on both sides. Keep leftover pavers as replacements, in case the need arises.

To replace a paver, simply remove the sand around it, lift it out using a flathead screwdriver, replace it, and fill in the joints with the proper kind of sand.

Concrete paving blocks add flexibility to your landscaping projects. They arrive ready to install in almost any weather. There’s no need for concrete mortar or setting time, thereby reducing construction time.

Also, a paving surface has numerous joints, allowing paving units to make micro-adjustments to freeze/defrost cycles and heavy loads on the surface, thus preventing cracking, a common problem in traditional paving.

Repairing underground infrastructures or a damaged foundation is a breeze. Simply remove and re-install the same pavers in the affected area?no material waste, no extra expenses, no need for a percussion drill.

Numerous shapes, colors, textures, and styles make your space as beautiful as it is functional.

Concrete paver manufacturing is an environmentally friendly process that uses natural aggregate in a cementitious base with no petroleum products.

For low-load areas (low risk of heavy loads or soil instability), the choice of paver model and style is strictly esthetic, as the intrinsic interlocking property of the pavers holds everything in place. Pavers 60 mm thick are recommended.